Egypt to issue investment regulations in Suez Canal area February

A bill to regulate investment in the new Suez Canal Area Development Project will be ready by February, according to the consultant advising the Egyptian government on the project.... Full story

Egypt to close Al-Azhar tunnel on Friday over Islamist protests

Egyptian Al-Azhar tunnel, a major route in central Cairo, will be closed on Friday due to planned Salafist protests.... Full story

Egypt Govt reviews company bids to produce renewable energy

Some 175 companies have submitted offers to establish renewable energy-based power stations following the introduction of feed-in tariffs, the minister of electricity was quoted as saying by MENA agency on Thursday.... Full story

Egyptian 28 Islamist Salafist Front protests for men only

Egyptian Salafist Front has called on its women supporters to stay at home during protests on Friday due to fears they will be attacked by the security forces.... Full story

Egypt police controls Al-Azhar University over Islamist protests

Egyptian police forces is going to control Egypt's Al-Azhar University for security reasons ahead of protests called by the Salafist Front for 28 November.... Full story

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