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Apr 16th
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Kenya leader names new ministers Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 January 2008
Kenya leader names new ministersKenyan President Mwai Kibaki has named new ministers, hours before leader in Ghana was due to arrive as part of mediation efforts over disputed polls

Kibaki named Kalonzo Musyoka, who came third in last month election, as vice-president but no-one from the main opposition party was appointed.
The move could derail the efforts of Ghana John Kufuor, who heads the African Union, according to BBC News.
Violence after the polls has left some 600 people dead across the country.
Raila Odinga, who claims that fraud robbed him of victory in the polls, has meanwhile said that he will not attend talks with Kibaki on Friday, unless they are led by Kufuor.
Kibaki should step down and new polls be conducted, he said.
In that context, BBC News said that Kibaki move, in naming some members of his new cabinet, could be seen as a provocative act.
The 17 cabinet members named on Tuesday include at least one other member of Musyoka party, as well as Uhuru Kenyatta, from the former ruling Kanu party.
While many former cabinet members lost their seats in the parliamentary elections, Kibaki has retained several close allies.

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